Monday, July 14, 2014


Yes, that's right. My baby boy is already TWO!! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home.

I am still not sure how we made it to TWO so quickly, but it is worth celebrating!!

For his party I wanted to pick out a few things that he really loved. Rather than just a traditional "themed" party. I started with his love of cars. I knew I wanted to construct him a special car bed, and since we own an auto body repair shop we had everything we needed to make it work. Here is where it all started...with an old, beat up Volkswagen hood!

After some TONS of sanding, fiber glass work, a few tears, and awesome new paint. It actually looks like a Volkswagen now. My husband taught me how to paint a car, let's just say...I need a ton more practice before I am half as good as he is!!

Much better right? Well, kind of...the car is actually supposed to be the foot board of the bed. But you see what had happened was....HA! I lost the bolts that bolt it all together, and then when I got it together I didn't like it. So we are going to mount it to the wall above the bed and make it into a canopy/awning. The inside of the hood has working lights and is lined with head liner material. Right now the boys really love using it as a club house to hide out in!

Here is another shot of the room. Check out those awesome pillows that my best friend, Marie, made! I am still amazed, she made those in less than 10 minutes...she is the bomb! Oh, all the wall art/letters are all handmade by me (with the help of my Dad on the letters).

Back to the birthday celebration....since Houston was getting a new room complete with an orange Volkswagen it was only fitting that he have an orange Volkswagen party. While thinking about what cheesy saying I wanted on the invites, I over heard him say "WooHoo" to something. Then it clicked...why not use his favorite phrase to tie everything together on his invites.

In the midst of working on all of this, Houston was admitted to Egleston in Atlanta for a week. Which is an AMAZING place! We snapped this picture and provided it to them with a letter of our appreciation. It was later shared on their social media sights and has gained WAY more attention that I ever dreamed a quick snap shot would earn.

Please stop by and show Houston some love and give Children's Healthcare of Atlanta the attention they deserve! Twitter  Facebook

Ok ok...back to the party. So I put my thinking cap on and rushed to plan a party. I decided that since there wasn't anything Volkswagen we would have to make it all. My mom made the cake...we found an awesome tutorial here.  My coworker helped by making napkin rings for me...I can't cut a straight line. I requested a custom order from Etsy after seeing this. I needed that Volkswagen...but I didn't want a blue one. The shop owner was SUPER nice and whipped me out some awesome orange tags! They were PERFECT!

Here are a few pictures from the day. Over all it was a great party and Houston LOVES his new car bed/play house.

Isn't Chubby the most adorable thing EVER??