Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I suppose that since I am new here the proper place to start would be an introduction. So....

HI! I'm Beth!

I am from Phenix City, Alabama. I was a banker for nearly ten years before making a career change. I wanted a job that was less stressful and more flexible so that I could enjoy my boys while they are still little. This blog is where I hope to share my trials and errors with you as I try my hand at any DIY project, cooking, gardening, and raising a family. 

Now meet my family....

Bryson will be six this December. It is hard to believe that my first love will be starting kindergarten this fall! Bryson is my happy, fun loving child. There is always a skip in his step and a smile on his face. He is by far the most compassionate and loving soul I have ever met!

Houston is now two. We refer to him as "Chubby". At only three months old this little guy weighed in at 22 pounds, most of which he carried in his neck and thighs! Chubby is my strong willed child. Full of personality and determination. I have yet to meet anyone who could top his facial expressions!

Next up we have my husband, Danny. I may love DIY projects around the house, but this guy can rebuild any car. Several years ago he left his banking job to join his dad in the family auto body repair business. (*you will notice LOTS of "Sasser's" shirts in photos of Danny)
He is a wonderful dad and a great husband. He balances out our overload of personalities in our house. 

I can not forget the most important member of our family. Our dark hair, dark eye, little girl...Memphis. She believes that she is equal to our children, and I can't say that we treat her any different.

Oh, and Memphis has a sister who lives with my parents. I basically claim her as our dog too. My in-law's dogs had a liter and I was able to be there the day they were born. I instantly fell in love with Memphis, but had a soft spot for her over grown sister, Biggins. So I forced Biggins on my parents (they were easily won over by her cuteness) and now they get to grow up together.

And now you see why I love them so much...big ol' cuddly babies!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my random blogging and get good laughs out of my failed attempts!