The Shack Tour

Welcome to The Sasser Shack. If you have seen the before picture of our house, then you know where it got it's name. I will try to keep updated pictures on this page. We are constantly working to improve things.

Here is a tour of the living room/kitchen coming from our front door. Oh, and fun appears we have double front doors. WE DON'T. We believe that at one point they could have been two real doors, but a previous owner must have closed one off.

Here is a better picture of our blue toy box/dresser. I got this at The Junque Yard here in Columbus, Ga. If you are local you should check them out.

Most of you are aware that our house flooded early this year. We are still working to replace everything. I really would like to gut our master bathroom and start over, and update the hall bath (pictured below). So for now...I hide the photo of our master bath and share this one. We plan to replace the vanity in here and put the baseboards back in.

Our patio and back yard are still a work in progress. We are slowly trimming back the trees, replacing french drains, and adding grass and plants.