Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adventures of the GREEN BOOTS

I am Houston.
I am two...and a half.
I am invincible...when I am wearing my green boots.

My green boots found me last August.
I have been testing their limits since then.
You won't believe the places my green boots have taken me.

Together we have tested the depths of the deepest puddles.

We have been a super hero and saved the world.

We have hit grand slams..and struck out a few times.

We have worked at the shop...and been so filthy you couldn't tell my boots were green!

We Christmas shopped...until I dropped.

We have made my mommy laugh...uncontrollably. Probably made you laugh, too!

We have hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains...and shot bears.

We toured the Mayfield plant..and ate wore an ice cream cone as big as me!

We drove all of my mommy's co-workers crazy...after we drank coffee.

We learned how to ride a scooter...and didn't get any boo-boos!

We have copied Pop...and made sure we ate candy from a bowl.

We attended a wedding and were hands down the best dressed there.

We have saved the garden from evil villains....with the help of our trusty side kick, Memphis.

We dream big dreams every night...and anxiously await the adventures that tomorrow will bring.

Most importantly we have made memories...and stories to tell! One day I will be too big for my green boots...but for now I will continue to explore the world one adventure at a time. Just me...and my green boots!

- Houston