Monday, February 1, 2016

25 Pointless Things About Me

According to Facebook seven years ago today I was tagged in a "25 Random Things About Me" notes post. Clearly I was a slacker and ignored the nine people who "tagged" me in their post. I figure that since there was no timeline "since you have been tagged you have 24 hours to re-post or the devil will get'cha"...then I can just do it now.

So here goes....25 useless pieces of information about me.

1. I rub the seams on clothes, more preciously the seams on t-shirts. I asked my friends Mark and Marie to make me a "seam quilt" for my birthday. Let's see how much they love me ;)

2. I drink, on average, six to eight bottles of water a day. I refuse to drink water from the tap, only the bottle or from the door on the refrigerator.

3. I prefer white bedding and white towels. I love to be able to bleach any linens in the house...just makes things feel so much cleaner!

4. I have over thirty random skulls through out my house. While you will never notice most of them, I enjoy seeing them in the most random places!

5. I was a precious child. HAHAHA! Okay, Okay,  I was a complete strong willed brat. I have learned how to control myself as I have grown up...but I can only imagine how difficult it was to be my parents. (much like raising Houston)

6. I was "bullied" in elementary school...LOL because I was too skinny. The kids on the bus would chant "Boney Maroney the skinnest girl we've ever seen". 

7. I buy and wear WAY too much black clothing. I would say that 60% of my wardrobe is black.

8. I chose a sapphire wedding ring because the meaning behind the gemstone is loyalty. Sapphire is also the original engagement ring.

9. I do not like to sleep alone, if for some reason Danny isn't home I drag a kid or Memphis into my bed. 

10. I know every single word to "My Humps" by The Blackeyed Peas. 

11. The most played artist/bands on my iTunes are Project Pat, Juvenile, Bone Thugs, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Luke Bryan, and Adelitas Way. Basically...I am all over the place! LOL

12. I wore braces for nearly SIX years. I probably wouldn't have had to wear them that long if I followed the orthodontist orders. I may or may not have tried to take them off myself, bent parts that were uncomfortable with a spoon. I was a horrible patient!

13. I was given a head gear to wear...given being the key word. I NEVER wore it...really?? Who decided that was an excellent and needed device??

14. I love my car. I have researched other cars that I could possibly upgrade to, but I can't find anything I love as much as mine.

15. I really hate to read books. I can read  articles, blogs, the news...but if you hand me a novel I barely make it past the first page.

16. I go to the movies to take a nap...true story. I fall asleep during EVERY SINGLE MOVIE I watch.

17. I act more like my Maw, Peggy, than anyone else. I would dare to say that the majority of my personality is a weird mix of Peggy and John (my dad). It's what makes me so charming- said with sarcasm.

18. I feel like the most perfect person in the world when I look in Danny's eyes. He always encourages me, supports me, and loves me.

19. When I was a little kid I would call my grandparents and tattle tell on my parents for punishing me. Thankfully we don't have landlines anymore...or else I have a feeling that I have two little boys who would be calling to tattle on me!

20. I learned how to draw from spending countless hours drawing with my parents. We would all sit around the kitchen table and draw, paint, do arts and crafts.

21. I love cactus plants. I believe I picked this love up from my Granny...she had a love of all things Southwestern/Indian.

22. I am perfectly happy having only two children. I am actually getting pretty good at this boy mom thing.

23. I painted my living room brown because Danny likes brown. I personally HATE it...but it went with blue. So I compromised...he got brown and I got blue.

24. If I could go back and redo my career choices I might would consider doing something with surgery...surgical nurse or surgeon. Then again...I enjoy my freedom and time off so I probably wouldn't do it!

25. I rarely exercise. I know I should...I always have the best of intentions to complete a workout program...but then Netflix happens.

So there you have it....25 pointless random facts about me. If you don't share yours then "the devil will get'cha" LOL LOL kidding!