Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#candymail...WHAT'S THAT??

I am sure that I have FLOODED your news feed with my #candymail post. 

(Yes, I totally used a bitmoji that looks nothing like me...in my blog. )

Ok, seriously...I have been asked numerous times "What is Candy Mail?". So...here's the secret...It's candy..mailed. 

It is a 5x7 hand drawn envelope addressed to the person you choose, inside it has a note card with a personalized note (like a valentine or a card on flowers), and CANDY! It's extremely simple...and super fun!

I have always loved getting mail. Ask my husband, I am totally guilty of ordering things when I could easily go purchase them in town...JUST so I can have that brief Christmas morning feeling when I come home and there is a package by my door. The week of my birthday I tend race to the mailbox...I know that my Grananna is sending me a special card!

I wanted to pass that same love on to my boys...so I started mailing them things and ordering things for them. I would draw the envelopes up pretty and watch them race to the mailbox to get their prizes!

The idea soon spread and I was sending them to my niece and nephew...and my friends kids...and then it caught on with other people. I added a listing to my Etsy Shop and it has grown from there. 

Kid Stuff + Candy + Mail = Best thing ever!

So what is #candymail....it is only the coolest thing ever! It's a no reason, candy filled...valentine-wanna-be! 

To everyone who has ordered/sent #candymail...Thank you! I have seriously LOVED getting to make these and send them to your kids...almost as much as I have LOVED the photos of them when they get their mail!

If you want to send one (it doesn't have to be to just kids) check out the listing HERE and share the fun!

When you check out please make sure you provide the information below:
-Name of Child
-Address to be sent to
-Note inside & Who it's from

I can do any theme...as long as it is "cartooned"...I am not a real artist and can't draw "real" stuff. HA!

Thank you again to everyone who has helped share and spread the word, who has bought #candymail, and those who have encouraged me to pursue doing what I love! You guys are the best!