Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pirate Costume- HOW TO

This is a week of fun for Bryson at school. First, it is his last week at daycare...ever. Second, it's "Let's pretend week". Yesterday they pretended it was Easter and went on an egg hunt...and ate lots of junk food!
Today it is pirate day. It was so fun walking in and seeing the entire class all dressed up!

I refuse to just go buy a new pirate costume every time they have pirate day at school (and they seem to have one every year). And let's just say my pirate making skills have improved. Here is 2013's pirate day costume. This one was easy to make. It was just a bandanna, a white shirt he had, cut off sweat pants, and a t-shirt cut into a vest. I used one of my belts from a dress, and some beads to tie things together. It turned out ok...I prefer this years more :)

Since he had outgrown the costume for last year, I searched the house again. Looking for anything that I could use to make another costume.

We tried on several shirts, hoping to belt them up...

And...well that wasn't going to work.

So I went and got a basic white t-shirt (undershirt). I searched my craft box for some string, and found some leather string. PERFECT!

I cut a V in the neck of the shirt, and several small holes. I used the leather string to lace the neck up like a shoe. Then I cut small triangles in the sleeves to give it a worn/fringe look.

Next I took the shirt that was a dress on Bryson, and cut the sleeves off. I cut it down the middle to make a vest, and cut some of the bottom off the make the length a little better. I did not cut a straight line, rather more triangles to continue the look I had given the white t-shirt.

This is the part where most of you will have to be more creative. I went to my Halloween costume closet (Yes, we have an entire closet dedicated to costumes) and I found an old pirate hat that we had, a few beaded necklaces, a mullet wig, and an old scarf. The sword was one that the boys had in their toy box.

I pulled the mullet wig back into a pony tail, and stuck the hat on top of it. I used the scarf for a belt, since his waist is so tiny small it wraps around twice!

If you don't have a costume closet...lol...then you can always use a bandanna or scrap fabric to make a head scarf.  Cutting old t-shirts is always an option.

To create his beard I used this stuff...I mistakenly bought this from Avon thinking it was liquid eye liner. It is some type of powder/eye shadow...I am low maintenance so I have no idea what the proper use of this is! So for me...it is beard make up! (I used it last year for his beard, and for the hobo costume beard)

Here is a side view of the wig/pony tail.

For pants we just used some old baseball pants he had. Of course you can always cut off some jeans that are too short, or sweat pants. We have a TON of jeans with holes in the knees, or that are three inches too short! He has outgrown all of his winter boots, so we used converse. He wasn't thrilled about that...PIRATES WEAR BOOTS MOM!

Houston wanted a sword too...and he wanted to be a pirate. His class isn't having pretend week...poor guy :(

The ear ring is just an old hoop ear ring that I broke the post off of. I pinched it tighter and made it into a clip on...

He insisted on wearing tattoo sleeves...I don't think pirates have tattoo sleeves. Whatever makes him happy...it's his costume and his memories!

So there you have it...my free, recycled, homemade costume. The best part is including the boys in on the scavenger hunt for things to use. They enjoy letting their imagination run wild and seeing what they can turn something into!