Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Master Bath- Choices Choices Choices

Back in February our hall bathroom flooded most of our house. We have replaced all of the flooring in the house, and are slowly working towards replacing the rest of the items in the house. We originally hired a contractor, who completed the floors, but hasn't shown back up to finish anything else. At the time I was very annoyed with that, but now I am actually glad. I haven't made my mind up on how I want our bathroom. I can't seem to find my inspiration, or dream bathroom.

I spend a lot of time in there, so I want it to be perfect. It is where I get ready, where I relax in the tub, where we bathe both boys...I often joke and refer to it as our "main hub". It needs to be very practical, done on a broke mom budget.

We do plan on doing more serious renovations later down the road, but don't want to sink a ton of money into something that we aren't 100% set on.

Anyway, our current bathroom (after the flood) looks like...

I am almost embarrassed to admit that it looks this bad. My current idea is to paint the counter tops, repair/replace the broken cabinet doors, and paint the cabinets. I would love a new light fixture and new flooring.

I searched for a new vanity and counter top. I am having a hard time finding something that I love...it is either WAY too fancy for our shack or WAY too 1970's with a sea shell sink. 

I found these images on Pintrest that I like. I am thinking about trying one of these for a short term fix.

This is my favorite. I love the cabinet color. We already have tile that is the same color as the counter tops in this photo, so I know the paint will match. I can paint the counter a similar color and use extra tile to be the back splash. I would also frame out our current mirror, and repaint the bathroom walls.

This option is very similar to the first, the cabinets are more similar to the ones we currently have, so you see the difference in the detail. This is with a white countertop, we have extra white glass tile left over from our current flooring that I could use to cover the counter...but that white grout. ICK...I swear it will be the death of me.

This is my first option from months ago. This counter is covered with white tile and the cabinets are painted dark gray. I believe they are the exact cabinets that we currently have...if they aren't then they are so close. The mirror is just framed out with a framing kit in silver/nickle. 

We have no natural light in our bathroom, and only the yellow typical cheap light fixture. I would love to add some LED lights to brighten it up, and I am hoping that painting a light gray/white color will open the space. I love the idea of the colored cabinets...but fear that I won't like them in a few months....

Oh and speaking of colored cabinets...these I LOVED but Danny and Bryson told me to hang that idea up. No room for pink or coral in our house. 

Boys...always taking the fun out of everything!

Oh and I mentioned repairing our cabinet doors...another option I considered was making open shelves. Something like this...

We currently keep towels in our closet...but having a few in the bathroom would be super handy. 

As you can tell I am still brain storming...and really would love any input. For long term or short term plans.

Long Term Goals (as of now)
  • Remove wall/ Make half wall and end of counter
  • Add lighting (can lights in ceiling)
  • Replace vanity and counters
  • Replace sink and fixtures
  • New flooring
Short Term Goals (as of now)

  • Repaint walls
  • Regrout white flooring
  • Paint Counters/ Tile Counters
  • Frame Mirror
  • Replace Light Fixtures
  • Replace hardware on cabinets
  • Paint cabinets (pick a color)