Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

From the day that I found out I was expecting Bryson I dreamed of days like today. I dreamed of his first baseball game, his first day of school, first prom, graduations, his wedding, his children.

I can not believe that we have already made it to our first day of kindergarten. It just reminds me that we will soon be breezing through proms and graduation. Life passes by so fast!

I was nervous about today, and so was Bryson. I remember how terrifying a new school year is, who will be your friend and what if you get lost. I tried my hardest to hide my emotions and encourage him, remind him that he already knows some of the kids in his class and his teacher is very loving. I have seen her love on her own children, so I know that she will love my child the same way.

Today I held Bryson's hand as we walked through the school doors together. Today we made a memory together, his first day as a school age child! 

He had his head up, his shoulders back and he was brave. I know inside he was nervous, but he never showed it. He walked right into his class, put his back pack up and sat down and begin to color.

He never cried. He never looked back. He was brave and strong...I pray that the REST OF HIS LIFE he embraces life with this exact same attitude. I have spent the past five years trying to teach Bryson about life, but days like today I am reminded that the truth is HE TEACHES ME what life is about.

I am so proud of Bryson! He is an amazing child, with an amazing heart! I hope that the characteristics that we saw today continue to grow as he does! He is going to be an AMAZING man one day...but for now I will continue to allow him to remind me how life is with a child's heart!

I love you so much Bryson Reid, and I can't wait to see you this afternoon!

Oh, and Chubby moved up to the two year old class. Which means NO WUBS, and potty training (hardcore) for him! He is doing great and LOVES his new teachers.

Thank you all for loving my boys...each and everyone of you have impacted their lives in some sort of way. It is amazing to me knowing that each of you in some shape, form, or fashion are helping them grow into amazing men!